I am grateful for the love and enjoyment my customers get from the furniture I have created. These heirloom pieces become part of their family and their families story.

Here is our maple rocking chair built in 2011, and our cherry built in 2014, in our living room. Thank you, Michael, for your brilliant workmanship.

Jim and Paula

We have one of your rocking chairs that I bought way back in 1996. It is built out of highly figured cherry, and today is perhaps more beautiful and comfortable than it was when we first got it out of the shipping crate in Tampa, Florida.

Thanks for the creative, well-built and comfortable art.


Robert & Irene

We celebrated Christmas over the weekend, and I just wanted to let you know once again how much I appreciate your effort in designing and creating the beautiful rocker for my mother. It was a very special Christmas as we gave her that ‘family heirloom.’ The rocker was stunning and the mature black walnut is a gorgeous wood.


[It is] generous of you to use that special wood for my parents. It really means a lot to me to be able to give them something this beautiful as they are some of the most generous parents, and finally I can reciprocate.


Valleyford man, Mr. Michael Neiman undertakes this deeply caring labor of love each year to creat a stunning piece of craftmanship, a hand-built chessboard to be given to the top finisher in the annual sixth-grade Freeman [Middle School] chess tournament, even though his own children are well past that age.

Letter to the editor, North Palouse Journal

We received your work of art, our new Plain Crested Rocker, and it arrived safely, without mishap. It looks so beautiful in our living room, and is a joy to sit in and relax. Rocking in it seems to melt away cares and stress.


What a beautiful piece you have made. Thank you! The woods are wonderful and the curves are so graceful. The side view sweeps so sweetly. It has been a pleasure working with you!