Being able to refine the organic beauty of woods from around the world into beautiful, contemperary works of fine art is the fundamental inspiration.

“Form and Function” is what I consider my work.

Since 1979, I have been producing ever-evolving, well-built pieces of furniture. They are meant to stand out at first glance, with subtle nuances to be discovered by the owner over time, yet remain a useful component of the room or space it occupies. I have found influence in almost every technical achievement of my work from contemporary masters such as Krenov, Nakashima, and Maloof. Examples that embody my work are exacting details, glass or wood tambour doors, and essential curves, inspired by deco masters such as Ruhlman.


While my shop is located just outside of Spokane, Washington, my professional roots were based in Seattle, where I have been an owner, juror, and executive board member at Northwest Fine Woodworking Gallery, and later Northwest Woodworkers Gallery since 1988. Furthermore, my pieces have been showcased in galleries and shows throughout the northwest. My furniture has been placed coast-to-coast, and delivered to three continents.

Every square inch is handmade by me in my shop located along a country road in Valleyford, Washington. I take pride in the fact that my pieces are crafted with exact precision, and I do not sacrifice this at any cost. Being a “one-man” operation, I am allowed to correspond with my clients to design furniture that fits their need exactly.

My projects take time, but the attention to detail makes the difference.